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Multimedia Design

A selection of designs,
photo adaptations,
calligraphy and more.

All made or edited by a young and starting
Multimedia Designer.


Intrinsic Motivation

Poster Design
A poster that conveys the feeling of intrinsic motivation, motivation form within.


Tools: Photoshop

The Forest in Me

Double Exposure
Two images that create a strong vibe when combined.

These are two images that I merged with the help of Photoshop.

's Hertogenbosch

Visual Design
My own vision of the city ’s Hertogenbosch, with the colours of the city.

Tools: Illustrator

Maas Vioolbouw

Logo Design
A logo for a violin builder who charishes his work.  

Tools: Illustrator



Fear of the Dark

Digital Calligraphy
A mix of two images wherein the calligraphy is merged with the photo. 

Tools: pen & Photoshop.


Vlug en helder resultaat wat precies is wat we zochten. Het was een hele fijne en soepele samenwerking.

Joost van Balkom

Project Engineer, Hoeflake

I am in awe of the way a good designed icon can have a universal meaning or explanation for all kinds of people, no matter the language or culture. Therefore, I claim the assignments where I can design icons towards me. For my job as Junior Graphic Designer I have created over 70 different icons for all kinds of things. From motherboards to schedule, I have tested whether these icons are recognisable for the goal audience and updated the design to the wishes.

Web Design

During my internship at The Monsters I was put in charge of redesigning a few websites. Here you can see different designs for different pages.
I discovered many tactics, rules and skills by trial and error. These final designs focus a lot on design instead of interaction and usabillity. The usabillity was about 80% of my internship but I am not planning on making that my main skill and focus.

When I started this assignment there was only the first image. Just text, not even clear guidelines or steps, not user friendly. Therefore, I added my icons to make it scannable and give it more body. 

Hereafter, I made the design more playful which had very positive reactions. It is quite visual and easy to scan. This brings out the personality of the company, and the playfulness but the icons and illustrations bring it into the 21st century.

product design

Marketing design



In my free time I love to make illustrations or parts of possible posters. I do have an illustrator style, but I am learning how to design things by hand and in photoshop. I am curious to all types of illustration and send a message to people not only in words but also by color, form and lay out.


About Mathilde

Junior Designer


At a young age already obsessed with drawing, painting, and doing crafts. Music has also been a passion through playing the flute and expanding my horizon in music genres. 



Music stays an essential part of my life, but lettering, calligraphy, and photography are growing passions that are practiced on a weekly basis.



Aside from drawing and practicing calligraphy, some new interests like filming, photographing, and graphic design have entered my life. My passion starts to take form mainly in designing visual work.





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